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Web remote control and video display experience system
- the Internet + era, customers can get your product trial experience without going to visit personally.


Product functions:

1. It can display products through real-time monitoring screen.
2. It can remote control and operate products via web page display.
3. Visitors apply for the operation experience through the short message.
4. It is based on the Web server form (Web site). Users can use the browser to operate, install.Maintain is convenient.
5. It can be used independently. It can also be embedded in the company's Web site to use too.
6. We can custom system according to products’ different functions.
1 It can show sellers’ products through the Internet. Customers can remote operate products.
2 It can be used in automation control field, remote control / video surveillance applications.
3 It can be used to smart home video surveillance and remote control.
4.It can be used to explain and operate in remote video teaching.
Embedded Web Server --EA02


Embedded web server EA02(as follows EA02)is a small but powerful server.Input IP address(such as" "),We can control outputs of relays and check on inputs contact status via the ethernet..It can be used either on a LAN or ethernet.You needn't install software.You can modify IP,Ftp,web.The interface is beautiful.It can play cartoon,flash,audio and video.You can further develop or upgrade it all by yourself.The product support socket programming

Application:This product can be used widely in remote monitoring,operation based on ethernet.For example:

1.control ritzy intelligent Home.
2.Industrial automatic controling or monitoring.
3.Embedded modules in automatic equipments,add network control functions to the equipments.
Serial web server--EM12

EM12 is a compact Web server for the system to increase web access. The system is connected with the user system through the serial port DB9, which is convenient for integration into the user system. Web operations can be operated (input data, button click, etc.) into a serial data output to the user system. It can receive user system through the serial port data displayed on the web page too. It can drive text according to the data; other functions are picture switching, animation display. It can be used in LAN and WAN. Redevelopment is convenient. It’s powerful; you can almost use it as the company's Web server.

Serial web server can configure the test board suite.More

HMI(Human Machine Interface)

(1) Efficient 32 bits embedded processors.

(2) USB HOST、 USB device interface.

(3) Ethernet interface .

(4) SD card interface .

(5) True colored screen with TFT.

(6) Touch screen control function.

(7) Audio file play and video file play .

(8) RS232 interface.


Motor Drive

Controller of label peeling machine

(1)Two independent drive outputs of PWM DC motors to control their speeds.
(2)Control speed of common brush DC motor free.
(3)Five analog inputs to set arameters.
(4)Three photoelectric switch inputs.
(5)Three digital outputs.
Application:Control speed of DC motor,simple logic control.

Stepping motor and DC motor mixed drive

(1)Two stepping motor drives,maximumoutput electric current is 2.5A.It can drive stepping motors such as 42、57.
(2) functional subdivision to outputs of stepping motors.
(3) Parameters can be setted easily with eight bits LED and youcan check on status easily.
(4) Nine bits key outputs.
(5) Two drive outputs of PWM DC motors.
(6) Two analog inputs.
(7) Three switch inputs.
Application:Electronic control of small mechanical systems.

Four Stepping Motor Control Board

(1) Controlled seperately by four groups
of 8 bits efficient MCU and CPLD.
(2)Sixteen digital inputs.
(3)Eight digital outputs.
(4)RS232 communication interface.
Applications:Movement and position control in industry circumstance.



DC motor controller with LCD

(1)independent drive outputs of
PWM DC motors to control their
(2)Dot matrix graphic LCD screen
It can display english characters,
,graphics controlled by programme.
i(3)Three analog inputs.
(4)One switch input.
Characters:LCD interface is good for visuality of roducts.Convenient operation and promote level of products.


Industry Controller/PLC

ARM Control Board

(1)32 bits ARM7 core,industrial efficient processor.
(2)Double RS232 communication
(3)Four relay outputs.
(4)Eight analog outputs,A/D converter of 10bits precision.
(5)Erase and write EEPROM chip on line.
Application:Field control of all kinds of industrial machines.


16bit MCU and FPGA Control Board

(1)Intel 16bits 80C196 MPU processor.
(2)ALTERA EPF10K10 high-speed FPGA chips.
(3)RS232 communication interface.
(4)Eight 10bits A/D transmitter in
(5)RAID 32.768KHz crystal oscillation system and 40M oscillator.
(6)PWM output,external counter
input,eight hight speed input,eight
hight speed ouput and serial ommunication.
Applications:Real high speed,multi-data and complex caculation.

CAN BUS Control Board

(1)Efficient RISC processor and CPLD structure.
(2)Sixty channel I/O ports.
(3)CAN communication interface.
(4)Three bits LED.You can set parameters or check on statuses.
Applications:It is suitable for high reliability,multi I/0 ports field.

Processor with high speed data collection

(1)32 bits ARM7 core processor and FPGA double cores structure.
(2) High speed and parallel mutli- channel A/D transformation.
(3)Real-time process in system.
LCD Controller

320*240 LCD Display Controller


(1)32 bits ARM7 core.Efficient processor of industrial standard.
(2)RS232 interface.
(3)USB HOST interface,Data can be
exported by USB.
(4)10 bits A/D converter.
(5)LCD interface.
(6)Large capacity data preservation.
(7)Key inputs of eight bits.

ARM7 TFT LCD Controller

(1)32 bits RM7 is core,industry grade efficient processor.
(2)Double RS232 interface.
(3)TFT real color LCD interface.
(4)Five relay outputs.
GSM Moduler
RFID Modules
TC35i is a communication module of
new generation produced by Siemens.
Application:Low power consumption
communication machine like laptop.
Remote sensing,remote message
controlling and communication.
Support double frequency of EGS900 and GSM1800,communication port:
RS232.single power 3.3V-5.5V,support three audio's transfer speeds.GSM Phase 2/2+ standard.
RFID is used widely in many fields
such as public transportation,
automobile remote-control key
,transfer tire pressure and
mobilephone.It is used widely in
logistics,large storehouses,clinic
and freights transportation
because of the quick identification.

multi-channel monitoring and alarm machine TS-260           

(1)Measure signal inputs of eight channel,display in a cycle of each channel.
(2)Ranges of input signal and faults of input sensors are constantly monitored.If they are beyond limits,alwrts will turn on.
(3)Each channel can set alert data seperately.
(4)You can free choose twelve ranges .

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